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Hifi-equipment feet in their perfection!

Long years of optimization, to take you one step further in the pursuit of your perfect sound
Three different product lines, a total of 9 different equipment feet and we hope also the right model for you from Alto-Extremo

19 Years Alto-Extremo and we can still improve

- New in 2023: The SoN-1 and SoN-2 dedicated for Soulnote devices are now available
- New in 2022: The LSP-1 and LSP-2 are now ready for series production and available
- Update in 2020: The new Exact 2 is now available. The Exact has been updated and is now called Exact 1

In short: (Extracts from the magazine “Hifi Stars”)
Voodoo passé, the products of Alto-Extremo actually show effective improvements in detail. It can be attested, that the absorber act audible form the first tone. The play instinct in Hifi-men is aroused and the result actually is tonal impressive. Depending on the purse, Alto-Extremo offers everything a High Enders heart seeks: purest fine-tuning.
Reproducing music as naturally as possible should be the goal of every high endsystem. We’ve developed our absorbers with this objective in mind.

Their performance was tested and verified by the German magazine “Stereo”.
The magazine’s editor-in-chief wrote this about the Lyd I absorber:
 “. . . three Lyd I Absorbers  were used for each Dynaudio. Compared with the inexpensive Creativ spikes they are truly high tech. What can you say? The Focus 220 performed so incredibly I could hardly believe it. Not only was the spectrum yet again truly impressive, but tiny differences in timing could be more clearly discerned than ever, which made the sound reproduction significantly more detailed and multi-layered. We couldn’t believe it, so we put back the Creativ spikes and restored the original settings and even played different kinds of music. The result was the same: On the Alto-Extremo absorbers, the Dynaudio played at a superior level.”

We are delighted that our products took first place in the Accessories category at the “shanghai audio show” in 2018.